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Newport’s Local Osteopath Practitioners

With over 15 years of experience working in the health industry the skilled and attentive team at Avesenna Osteopathy have the training and expertise to help provide lasting relief from a number of chronic conditions. Our osteopaths have assisted countless patients from our Newport clinic, delivering greater relief after every session.

Kneading Out the Knots

Massage Therapy Newport

As regulated and certified osteopaths, our professional practitioners utilise approved and effective methods and techniques to improve the condition and function of our patient’s muscles, joints, and bones. Using deep and targeted massage therapy techniques our Newport-based team can free up stiffness, kinks, knots, and other debilitating conditions.

For Lasting Back Pain Relief Call Avesenna

Back Pain Newport

We are told not to take back pain lying down, and with our exceptional back pain treatments Newport residents and beyond won’t have to. Able to identify and provide effective relief from lasting pain and discomfort Avesenna Osteopathy can assist with upper and lower back pain conditions.

Get Rid of the Pain in your Neck with our Focused Techniques

Neck Pain Newport

Responsible for supporting the full weight of the head continuously the neck is subjected to high levels of stress and tension, resulting in pain and cramps that can make completing daily routines a difficult task. With our neck pain treatments, our Newport-based team can help our patients live and work in comfort and ease.

Helping Newport Sports Players Get Back on to the Track

Sports Injuries Newport

Nothing can be more shocking or painful than sustaining a sports injury. Not only a highly-trained and experienced osteopath, our lead doctor has represented Australia in three Olympic Games and understands the rigours and stresses that professional competition can place on the body. By assessing damage and testing the capabilities of our patient’s bodies we can help treat sports injuries from our Newport clinic.

Targeted Treatments for Back Pain

Back Pain Doctor Newport

Through an effective combination of osteopathy treatments and exercise we can alleviate the severity and degree of pain that our patients are suffering from. Capable of directly treating developing or chronic back pain our doctors can help Newport locals live and work without being held back by pain.

Newport’s Skilled and Certified Osteopathic Experts

Osteopathic Treatment Newport

Focusing on massaging and gently manipulating joints, bones, and muscles the experts at Avesenna can provide direct and effective osteopathic treatments throughout Newport and the surrounding suburbs. Able to alleviate a number of pre-existing or emerging conditions osteopathy has been able to assist professional sportspeople and other patients from all walks of life recover faster from injury.

Stand Up Straight with our Postural Assessments

Postural Assessment Newport

One of the leading causes of back and neck pain is poor posture. By trusting the skilled muscular and skeletal professionals at Avesenna Osteopathy to conduct a detailed postural assessment, Newport patients can walk taller after a visit to our clinic.

Call Avesenna Today for Improved Health and Wellbeing

Stiff Neck Teatment Newport

At Avesenna Osteopathy we aim to provide a complete osteopathy experience for patients living throughout Melbourne’s metro areas. Using leading and effective techniques our talented team can deliver stiff neck treatments from our Newport clinic. To find out more about our extensive services call us directly on 03 9391 8201.

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