Back In Action

Making life changes – big or small – is exciting, daunting and sometimes really, really hard

And if it’s taking a while, it’s not just because you need to want it more or try harder.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who make you feel like it’s your fault when goals don’t become action.  It’s easy to judge other people based on what you can do.

That’s why we developed our Back in Action program.  The thing is, you cannot just be willing to do something different, you have to be able.

For example:

  • How can you go on that dream holiday if you can’t sit long enough to take a plane trip?
  • How can you look after your grandchildren if it hurts to pick them up?
  • How can you ask for more hours at work if you keep getting headaches?
  • How can you start exercising again with your joint pain?
  • How can you enjoy anything if you can’t get enough sleep?

Back In Action - Six Week Program

Back In Action is a six week program during which you will:

  • Receive a general medical review
  • A complete physical exam
  • Be recommended for further tests and scans if necessary
  • Have treatment applied to any problem/target areas (Week 1, Week 3/4 and Week 6)
  • Be given a personal exercise/stretching program to follow at home
  • Be invited to attend our strengthening/conditioning sessions (subject to places available)

Each of these play an important role to helping you work through the many barriers to change and focus on practical steps you can take to live the life you want.


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