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Back In Action

What really matters to you right now? Maybe it’s your kids or grand kids? Perhaps it’s taking a new career direction, or joining the workforce after a long break – or even for the very first time? Are you thinking of ticking some items off your bucket list? Back In Action is a program put together especially by osteopath and Olympic athlete, Ali Abdo, for those that want to experience the joy of being fit and healthy again but just need a little help with getting started.
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Osteopathy and Rehab

Becoming pain free is the first step. At Avesenna we strive to help you attain a level of wellness and strength beyond your pre-injury state. Injury is caused when vulnerabilities in our body, are exposed.
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Peak Performance

Do you have an important event coming up in which you want to be at your physical and mental best? It does not have to be a physical activity – although this is an ideal program for the hobby or amateur athlete preparing for or recovering from a big match day – it is recommended for any event in which endurance, energy and confidence matter. You do not want your performance to be hampered or spoiled with soreness, aches or fatigue.
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Pain from Within

Why Pain Isn’t Always a Strain or Sprain Did you know that you don’t always have to strain a muscle or sprain a ligament in order to feel pain? Deep inside your body are the cogs that keep your body ticking over… your organs. We have lots of organs inside us: The heart, lungs, stomach,…
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