Having been an elite athlete for many years I truly understand the importance of being physical and mentally healthy in order to achieve your goals, regardless of what those goals might be. The reason I became an osteopath was to help people achieve pain-free and healthy bodies in order to do the things they love.

As a young boy I followed in the footsteps of my father and took up wresting as a sport. Not only did I love it, I also found I had a talent for it and as I progressed I set my sights on wrestling competitively. I have now represented Australia with great pride at three Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and several international championships. At the end of 2014 I decided to no longer compete and now enjoy coaching those who are aspiring to follow in my footsteps to achieve Olympic glory.

My personal consultation and my programs are designed to make you feel stronger, have more control of your life, help you work through the many barriers to change and focus on practical steps you can take to live the life you want.

In the 10+ years that I have been treating patients as an osteopath and the experience I have coaching aspiring athletes, I know there is not just one measure for health. Everyone’s situation is different. The thing that IS the same for everyone is the desire to be able to do the things that makes us happy and fulfilled, and my role as a health professional is to help people achieve this. The focus on holistic health is why I chose osteopathy as my medical field of practice. My goal is to provide services that go beyond pain and injury treatment. Services that are geared towards improving your quality of living in order to do the things YOU love.